About Our Department

Agricultural Economics was created in 1965/66 Session as one of the cradle Department of both the Faculty of Agriculture and Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR). Until 2017 the Department had bifurcations, which create Agricultural Extension and Rural Development as a new Department which Emanated from the initial known name; Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department.

The Department teaches courses in agricultural economics at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes in the Faculty and conduct Socio-economic and farming system researches in the savannah areas of Nigeria. It is physically located within the premises of the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR). The historic co-existence of IAR and the Faculty has promoted a healthy collaboration among teaching and research staff of the university.


B. Agriculture


PGD Farm Management and Agribusiness


MSc. Agricultural Economics


PhD Agricultural Economics

Our Awesome Staff

Meet our awesome departmental staff

Image of Prof. Ben Ahmed

Prof. Ben Ahmed

Image of Prof. M. A. Damisa

Prof. M. A. Damisa

Image of Prof. S. A. Sanni

Prof. S. A. Sanni

Image of Prof. Z. Abdulsalam

Prof. Z. Abdulsalam

Image of Prof. M. Maianguwa

Prof. M. Maianguwa

Image of Dr. Isah M.

Dr. Isah M.

Image of Dr. Y. U. Oladimeji

Dr. Y. U. Oladimeji

Image of Dr. A. A. Ammani

Dr. A. A. Ammani

Image of Dr. A. A. Hassan

Dr. A. A. Hassan

Image of Dr. A. B. Mohammed

Dr. A. B. Mohammed

Image of Dr. A. Abdulrahman

Dr. A. Abdulrahman

Image of Dr. H. Egwuma

Dr. H. Egwuma

Image of Dr. I. Y. Ilu

Dr. I. Y. Ilu

Image of Dr. S. A. Makama

Dr. S. A. Makama

Image of Dr. M. B. Hassan

Dr. M. B. Hassan

Image of Dr. O. A. Ojeleye

Dr. O. A. Ojeleye

Image of Dr. O.O. Ugbabe

Dr. O.O. Ugbabe

Image of Dr. O.Yusuf

Dr. O.Yusuf

Image of S. Abdulrahman

S. Abdulrahman

Image of Mrs A. O. Kalunta Eke

Mrs A. O. Kalunta EkeSecretary

Image of A. D. Ahmed

A. D. Ahmed

Image of A. Gomina

A. Gomina

Image of A. A. Sani

A. A. Sani

Image of A. Yakubuu

A. Yakubuu

Image of B. D. Magaji

B. D. Magaji

Image of O. Oyinbo

O. Oyinbo